Fbet Becomes Batery.win, But Why The Name Change?

FBet and Batery Logos

It isn’t uncommon for betting sites to change their name, with even big-name bookmakers doing so over the years. You only need to look at the likes of BetVictor, which has been known as Victor Chandler and VC Bet at various times, in order to understand that branding decisions take place on a regular basis. This is especially the case with companies that haven’t made the headway into the market that they’d have hoped for or that have changed their approach in one way or another. We now know that the site formerly known as Fbet has decided to change its name to Batery.win, but why would such a change be made at all?

Who Are Batery.win?

Batery Screenshot

If you’re going to put your money at risk with a site then you’re entirely entitled to ask who they are. In the case of Batery.win, it is a site that is owned and operated by YouGmedia B.V.. The same was true of Fbet, with the site essentially being little more than re-brand of that one. Fbet launched in the August of 2022, offering both a sports book and traditional casino games. It is hardly a surprise, therefore, that Batery.win offers sports betting, slots, table games, video poker and so on; essentially, all of the things that were offered by Fbet. Batery.win talks of wanting to offer punters a ‘better gaming experience’.

Do They Have a Licence?

Willemstad in Curacao
Willemstad, Curacao

YouGmedia B.V. is the company behind Batery.win and they have a registered address of Dr. H. Fergusonweg 1, Curaçao. The Government of Curaçao has authorised the company to conduct gaming operations under a licence that was issued on the seventh of July 2021. That is proof, were it needed, that the arrival of Batery.win is essentially just a re-brand of Fbet, which had launched not long after YouGmedia B.V. received said licence. Interestingly, we can’t find any reference to the company having a licence to operate from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which means it’s a gamble, pardon the pun, to bet with them.

Why the Name Change?

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Given the fact that YouGmedia B.V. doesn’t have a Gambling Commission issued licence, it is fair to say that the company, as well as its gambling subsidiaries, aren’t particularly well-known in the United Kingdom. Batery.win is the only casino that is part of the YouGmedia B.V. chain at the time of writing. It is entirely possible that Fbet, which of course also wasn’t licensed to operate in the UK, got such a bad name for itself that the parent company decided to take the decision to re-name is as something else. Certainly a quick look at the Fbet’s online presence sees numerous bad reviews posted by previous users.

The crucial thing to remember in all of this is that the company does not have a licence to operate that has been issued by the UKGC. That means that its name doesn’t really matter; any decision to gamble with a YouGmedia B.V. owned site is one that is fraught with risk. The name change might have been to get away from a bad reputation or it might have been an entirely innocent decision made by the parent company, but either way you’re putting your money at risk if you decide to place bets with it. Should you feel that you’ve been screwed over in some way, you will have no recourse to take on the site to reclaim any lost money.