Is Mr Beast Casino Legit?

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The world of online casinos and betting sites is an incredibly complicated one. Whilst those that are licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission at least have some credibility, the truth is that new sites are popping up all the time looking for a way of persuading punters to use their services rather than those of their competitors. As a result, it has become commonplace for celebrities to be used in order to give a sense that a site is more legitimate than another site that doesn’t have such an endorsement. That has happened with Mr Beast, but the obvious question is whether or not casinos with his name are legit.

Who is Mr Beast?

There is a very good chance that most of you already know who Mr Beast is, but for those that don’t, it is worth offering a quick explanation. Born James Stephen Donaldson the seventh of May 1998 in Wichita, Kansas, Mr Beast, as Donaldson styles himself, is an American online personality who made his name through YouTube. In 2017 he went viral for counting to 100,000, becoming increasingly popular in the years since. It has grown to the point that Mr Beast now has an estimated net worth of around $500 million, with his popularity coming around thanks to the fact that he regularly engages in philanthropic work.

Mr Beast Casino

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Mr Beast is an extremely popular online personality, with his name legitimately being attached to the likes of Mr Beast Burger, Mr Beast Feastables and Team Trees. As a result, it isn’t exactly the most outrageous thing in the world to assume that he might be willing to put his name to an online casino. In reality, however, it has nothing to do with him and is instead simply looking to take advantage of his brand recognition in order to encourage people to sign up and play casino games via the site or associated app. It can be seen as something of a scam, given the fact that Mr Beast himself has not given his permission for his name to be used at all.

Why Use Mr Beast’s Name?

MrBeast LogoThe obviously question that a lot of people will be asking is why a company has decided to use Mr Beast’s name when the man himself has nothing to do with it. The answer comes in the fact that he has a huge online following, with many people hoping to become the recipient of some of his generous work in the philanthropic arena.

By using deepfake technology to associate themselves with him, sites like this are able to bring in countless users that they can then look to make money from. Unfortunately, the casino is a scam and the games that are advertised on it offer complete unrealistic prizes that are entirely unobtainable.

Sadly, the Mr Beast casino isn’t the only one thing online that is fake and looking to abuse his name, so if you see other things with his name attached then do your research to find out whether they are genuine or not.