Sport Nation Review

SportNation-logo-400pxSport Nation is the reincarnation of BetonBrazil, which was a new but relatively well respected online betting site that, despite its youth, had attracted a decent number of players.

While it’s unclear exactly why BetonBrazil decided to re-brand, in our view it’s likely to try and resonate with a wider customer base. Sport Nation is virtually the same website with some of the design changed and of course the branding given a bit of a shake-up.

Sport Nation feature some of the best odds in the industry, which allows them to compete with some of the largest bookmakers; and their great ‘Build a Bet’ feature which allows you to build your own unique bet on your own terms has proven very popular indeed.

The Sport Nation Website

SportNation Website

Sport Nation’s site has had a few upgrades in its life, and it is now at the point where everything has been ironed out nicely. As it is you’ll enjoy a pretty robust, easy to use betting interface, with a simplistic and well laid out design.

It wastes no time following commands and the colour scheme keeps it feeling lively and feeling spacious, which is helpful when you are scanning the page for your selections as they are easy to spot.

It’s an SBTech platform so many punters will already be familiar with the layout and features, and those who aren’t will start to feel at home within minutes since everything seems to be in the first place you go looking for it. It’s a site built by people who really know their audience.

Navigation is a breeze since the sports list does a lot of the work for you by narrowing down countries and leagues once you have selected the sport you are interested in, but the search function is good too. Each sport also has its own ‘homepage’ of sorts where you can look at top leagues, all leagues, in-play, and daily matches, so there is more than one way to do things here.

It really is a great set up, the sites goes with you rather than dictating how you should be doing things, so there are no dead ends or one way systems requiring a back button bashing session when you want to move on to something else. Great job.


SportNation InPlay

In-play betting has been one of the fastest growing trends in the online gambling industry, and each day thousands of punters search the web to find a reputable bookmaker who offers a high quality in-play experience. Sport Nation is one of those bookmakers, and you’ll find a ton of markets to take advantage of including: Football, Tennis, Snooker, American Football, Basketball, and more.

To enter the in-play area just look for ‘In-Play’ on the main navigation menu. Click that button and you’ll be taken into a special part of the site where you can browse all of the events currently taking place, as well as add selections to your bet slip.

It’s a great design because it lets you do more than one thing at once. Not only can you place your bets but you can use the visualisation tool to monitor the game in real time, and the stats that come with it can help you decide what bets to place and when. As well as this, you can look to the left of the screen to keep up to date with the scores of any other games that are also going on, from all sports too.

Sport Nation also have the option to bet on fast markets, which not all bookies have. This is when your bet opens and closes within just a few minutes, and sometimes even less. You might bet on a corner to occur in the next 5 minutes, for example, so your bet will last 5 minutes at the most.

Sports Betting at Sport Nation

Sport Nation BetslipSport Nation offer a very healthy range of betting markets for players to enjoy, and whether you’re looking for Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Golf, or even American sports; you’ll find a ton of choice at Sport Nation, which offers thousands of betting markets each and every month.

It’s pretty rare to find a market not covered at Sport Nation. In particular, virtually every Horse Racing event in the UK is available to bet on, with non-UK races also commonplace so players can wager on races from around the world.

The American sports section at Sport Nation is also fairly comprehensive, and you’ll be able to enjoy all major sports from within the US, including: Basketball, NFL, NHL (Ice Hockey), Baseball, and MLS which is the American soccer league.

One of the cooler parts of the Sport Nation sports book is the ‘Highlights’ tab, which is the automatic home screen for all punters unless they change it via their account settings. The ‘Highlights’ tab showcases the day’s biggest and most popular events, and also flags any price boosts or specials the bookie is currently running, enabling you to quickly get to grips with what’s available to take advantage of each day.

Their book has grown over the years as well, to the point where they can stand toe to toe with the biggest and best in the industry, both when it comes to market variety and market depth, so if you like their site, features, and the way they do business, there really isn’t much stopping you doing the majority of your betting at Sport Nation.

Unusual Markets

Sport Nation UNusual Sports

Sport Nation don’t offer and TV Specials or ‘Novelty’ bets, they aren’t really that sort of bookie, they like to keep things more on the serious side, although they do have a pretty good Politics section which offers markets on the UK, US, EU, and Australian political scene.

Ok, joke bets and selections that might make you laugh are missing here, but it’s not much of a loss, and they do offer a good number of more unusual sports to bet on.

These come in the way of Futsal, Floorball, and Volleyball, things like that, and the market depth is surprisingly good for these niche options. Taking Futsal as an example, you can bet on games in Croatia, Portugal, and Spain among others, and while there may not be many betting markets for each game that is to be expected with niche markets.

How Good are the Odds?

Betting OddsThe odds offered at Sport Nation hover around the middle of the range when compared with other bookies, and while it’s difficult to truly compare the odds (they aren’t found on many comparison sites), many players have claimed that the bookie offer great odds on all of the horse racing events that they are betting on, and a quick scroll through the website seems to confirm this.

Football odds aren’t so bad either in our view, and if you bet on esports they seem to be one of the best of the bunch, so definitely check them out for that sort of thing.

One thing that is worth noting however, is that in-play prices are significantly lower than many of the other bookmakers around today, so do bear this in mind.

Best Features


Sport Nation Build a BetA popular feature that started when the company were still called BetonBrazil, ‘Build Your Bet’ allows you to choose your own selections and build these singles into one overall bet. To win, all of the selections must come in, but of course your odds will reflect the likelihood of this happening.

You could bet that Fiorentina would beat Sampdoria, the match would have under 3.5 goals, and the the first half would have under 2.5 goals. This is great if you know both teams in a game well, and know how they usually perform.

For example, in the old days when Man Utd were still good they would score a lot of their goals towards the end of the match when the other team was winding down, so you could use this knowledge to your advantage using a bet builder.


Sport Nation PaymentsUnfortunately, at the moment Sport Nation offer only a relatively small number of payment methods, but at least they are good ones: Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, and Apple Pay.

It’s a little disappointing to see that E-Wallets such as Skrill and Neteller aren’t currently accepted, and we’d hope this would change in the near future to allow more players to take advantage of the bookie’s services, but it will only affect a small number of punters.

Sport Nation have a couple of other things going for them too, one of the main points being that their minimum deposit is just £10, allowing players on all budgets to get started. There are no fees attached and Sport Nation credit your account instantly.

Withdrawals do have to be a little higher at £20, but it’s hardly worth withdrawing anything less anyway, and withdrawals are processed in 48 hours at an absolute maximum. In our own experience, 12 hours is much more normal.

History & About


Sport Nation is a rebrand of BetonBrazil which, despite what the name implies, is a UK founded bookie using Alan Brazil, the ex-Manchester United forward and TalkSport presenter, as its public face. Brazil is also a businessman and sports betting enthusiasts who remains an active brand ambassador, and plays and big part in the development and day to day running of the company.

The site was launched very quickly, and some players have criticised the bookie for rushing the setup of their operation.

This appears to have been a significant problem early on, but their website underwent some changes after the rebrand and beyond, and is now much more streamlined and reliable.

The site faced an uphill battle trying to secure a foothold within the market, but through their use of lucrative promotions and generous bonuses they’ve managed to attract players from all over the UK to join their site, and they are now considered to be one of the more exciting up and coming names within the online sports betting industry.

As a new company, they have largely focused their efforts thus far on ensuring their site is as secure and safe as possible; although we’ve recently seen them paying close attention to mobile betting too, with the release of a mobile website and apps helping to widen their player base and make the Sport Nation name spread even further.