Super 6 – Tips on How to Get the Most Out of The Game

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Bookmakers want people to go to their sites in order to get them to place bets or use their other products. That is how bookies make money, encouraging people to place wagers on things that they weren’t planning on betting on, so they won’t have done their usual research and so on. There are numerous different ways that bookmakers persuade people to visit their site, such as Paddy Power’s Wonder Wheel, with the Super 6 being Sky Bet’s product for that purpose. It is free to play, which encourages visits, but it also tells you how much you’d win if you placed it as a normal bet, which will encourage many people to do so.

What is the Super 6?

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The likelihood is that a lot of you will already know what the Super 6 is, but it is worth explaining it in a little more detail for those that aren’t sure. It is essentially an accumulator game, with Sky Sports picking six matches and asking people to predict the correct score in each of them. If you are able to correctly guess the scores in the six chosen matches, you will win a share of £250,000. How much of a share you will win will obviously depend on how many other people made the same predictions as you, with a tie-breaker also being included in the form of guessing the correct time of the first goal being scored in any of the matches.

It isn’t an Easy Thing to Win

The first thing that you need to bear in mind when it comes to the Super 6 prediction game is that it really isn’t an easy thing to win. That might sound like a silly thing to say, but it is important not to become too downhearted if you fail to get even close to any of the correct scores in the matches that are chosen by Sky Sports. One of the best ways to improve your chances of doing well is to not focus on trying to win the jackpot. Yes, we’d obviously all love to win £250,000, but if you can give yourself the focus of trying to improve your score week on week then you’ll keep going back even if you’ve done badly and playing regularly is the best thing to do.

Look at the Other Prizes

Super 6 Head 2 Head Challenge

The jackpot is the thing that everyone will have in mind when playing Super 6, given the fact that a quarter of a million pounds isn’t something that most people will be wanting to turn their noses up at. Even so, the important thing about the Super 6 game is that there are other prizes to be won throughout the season, which are worth keeping an eye out for. There is a system of points in place depending on how you do, with the points being awarded as follows:

  • Correct Score Predicted – 5 Points
  • Correct Match Result Predicted – 2 Points

In addition to the jackpot of £250,000, there are also smaller prizes awarded. If you were to get five of the six scores correct, for example, then you’ll be on the receiving end of the Get 5 Bonus. The week’s Top Scorer of points also gets a prize, whilst there is a Head-to-Head challenge with a Sky Sports presenter like Jamie Carragher that you can take part in. If you were to get more points than Carra, you could receive a prize for your accomplishment, which will be no lower than £100 according to the terms and conditions of the competition.

Enter Every Week

As long as there are football fixtures taking place, the likelihood is that Sky Sports will offer the Super 6 competition. You should enter it every week for the simple reason that you stand a chance of winning a prize the more often you enter. Obviously that is true of the jackpot, but it is also true of the Head-to-Head competition as well as the Monthly Leaderboard and the Official Club Leagues. If you’ve said that you’re a Liverpool supporter, say, you will be entered into a competition with other Liverpool supporters and could win a prize. There are other smaller prizes that you stand an increased chance of winning if you play it regularly.

Do Your Research

Super 6 Popular PredictionsThe six fixtures that will be included in the Super 6 prediction competition are typically announced quite quickly, so that means that you have a chance to do plenty of research into each fixture.

You can look to see whether an important player is going to be missing for one of the teams or whether a virus has run through the camp, for example.

You can look to see what the head-to-head record of the teams involved has been like over the years, taking this into account when making your predictions.

You can also look into the likes of how many goals each team has been scoring and conceding, using this to help you with your guesses.

Place Your Predictions Early, Then Look Again Closer to Kick-Off

Super 6 60 Minute ReminderThe fact that the selected matches for each round of Super 6 are made reasonably early on means that there is a chance that you will be able to place your predictions straight away. If you can, you should do so, but set yourself a reminder to check back in and review them as the kick-off times draw closer.

You can change your predictions right up until the first matches get underway, so it is always worth considering whether you’re confident in what you’ve predicted. If you think there need to be revisions then make them, but you also need to be sure that you’re not just second-guessing yourself after you’ve done a wealth of research.