Betdaq Review

Betdaq are one of the latest betting exchanges to infiltrate the online betting world. The Irish based company allow their punters to bet ‘peer to peer’ meaning it eliminates the need for a bookmaker as punters back and lay on which ever markets they choose.

Whilst competition between betting exchanges isn’t as fierce as traditional online bookmakers, going head to head with the likes of Betfair means the company has had to work hard for their current market share. Exchanges are all about liquidity, so being first to market has huge advantages. Entering the game later on is far more difficult because unless you can attract customers there are very few bets matched, which stops those customers you do have from coming back.

Well, Betdaq are not only still here but they have teamed up with one of the biggest gambling companies in the world.

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Editors Review

Betdaq are probably Berfair’s biggest rivals in the betting exchange market. They have actually been around for a similar period of time, but Betfair have managed to gain the market share over their rival, which doesn’t necessarily paint the whole picture. What we like about Betdaq is their versatility, and to accentuate this point you are greeted to more of a landing page than a home page. From here you can access either their betting exchange, their 1Bet service (basically their more traditional ‘back only’ side of the company) or their multiples section.

Any betting exchange will always be compared to Betfair as, let’s face it, they are the best in their class at the minute. Design wise Betdaq looks a little clumsy. There’s an awful lot going on at the home page with images flashing about everywhere and it reminds us a little of Betfair circa 2005. But, it functions really well. We love the navigation side bar meaning you can flick through markets without having to open new pages. Only once you have found exactly what you are looking for will you be taken to that page. When on that page the actual betting sections look clean and fresh, especially compared to that cluttered home page.

Let’s face it, if you are going to use a betting exchange there has to be something pretty amazing to drag you away from Betfair and onto Betdaq. Luckily, there is! And it’s not so much in terms of a gimmick or a feature that you can use, it’s the fact that you can play for only 3% commission on all your bets rather than Berfair’s standard 5%. Now this may not seem a lot, but if you think about having 2% of all the bets you have ever placed back, then I’m pretty certain for most they would be delighted to receive this- and for some it would be a sizeable amount.

We love their little Multiples section as well. It’s a really nice addition and pretty clever as well, with multiples being one of the most popular betting choices. In fact, trying to rack our brains of another site which offers this kind of a feature isn’t coming up with many options, so kudos to Betdaq.

Betdaq is possibly one of the most underrated betting sites going at the minute. The hype and media that Betfair has received – and rightly so – has sent Betdaq into the shadows somewhat. But essentially, it’s pretty much the same, just without the bells and whistles and with the reduced juice on your bets!